ATAA TA Practitioner (TAP) Certification

ATAA offers a certification process for those with prior qualifications in a humanities-based occupation wanting to incorporate TA knowledge and skills in their current practice without committing to the full CTA study and examination.

After completing the TA101 course, students attain ATAA TA practitioner certification through the cumulative completion of TA202 and TA303 modules via the following stages:

  • Transactional Analysis Practitioner (TAP after 50 hours),
  • Advanced Transactional Analysis Practitioner (ATAP after 200 hours),
  • Professional Transactional Analysis Practitioner (PTAP after 750 hours)

Completion of TA modules, professional practice hours and supervision at each stage of TAP certification is also counted as a cumulative fulfilment of the requirements of the Certified Transactional Analyst (CTA) qualification recognised by the International Association of Transactional Analysis (ITAA).

For further information see the ATAA Training Guide 2018 V6 or contact the Training Coordinator.